Bagan Lodge - TripAdvisor Reviews
Nov 25, 2013Public
Photo: Our very first reviews on TripAdvisor prove that we're off to a great start!
Photo: The positive reviews just keep coming! "The spa is sparkling, clean and I enjoyed a terrific foot massage; the pool is a dream especially in early evening after a day of visiting temples and dusty sites," says a recent reveiwer on +TripAdvisor.
Photo: "I couldn't recommend this hotel highly enough," write Judy and Marc from Ireland, who also give TripAdvisor users a tip: "Just a 10 minute walk (less than 5 minutes cycling) from the hotel is a climbable temple which is absolutely idyllic at sunrise and sunset - a must-see for all visitors."
Photo: This recent review by our guests Judy and Marc really made our day! Thanks for visiting, guys.
Photo: Looking for a luxury hotel in Myanmar to rest at for your next vacation? Then look no further than Bagan Lodge. One of TripAdvisor's latest reviews comes from our recent guest, Barry, who wrote: "Great staff. Excellent dining room with better than 5 star service. No down side at all." #luxuryhotelmyanmar #appletreehospitality