April 2014
Apr 20, 2014Public
Photo: Chickens!
Photo: Chickens brought loads of joy!
Photo: Easter bunnies.
Photo: Easter crafts.
Photo: Burning of Winter.
Photo: Very tired chicken.
Photo: Crafts.
Photo: Stretch after running.
Photo: Egg hunt.
Photo: Sheep at Egg hunt.
Photo: Learning to make pomlazka.
Photo: Bunny escaping.
Photo: At Starobrno Brewery.
Photo: Cozy dinner at home with pesto tear and share bread.
Photo: Some fun before the run.
Photo: More fun before the run.
Photo: Masaryk Run 2014 (10k)
Photo: Masaryk Run - at the start.
Photo: Some well deserved food after the run.
Photo: Olympia Brno
Photo: Haha, we are only going to be eaten by a huge stag beatle :-))
Photo: Vankovka Brno, Easter time.