Oct 31, 2011Public
Photo: In Vijaypur near Chaukori
Photo: Gori Paar lights in the foreground of Pachachulis - Munsiari
Photo: Just about the end of TrekDay01 at Paton
Photo: 1st waterpoint in beautiful stretch of forest on TrekDay02 in between Paton and Pilthi Gad
Photo: Just about end of 2nd (and a biggg) climb after crossing Pithi Gad
Photo: himalayan griffon
Photo: Pack Goats
Photo: a flock of Rock Pigeons
Photo: Ralam valley opening up on TrekDay03
Photo: TrekDay04 - the majestic waterfall at Kiltham
Photo: TrekDay04 - the big landslide and exposed section just ended!
Photo: last of climbs before the hamlet of Marjhali comes in view - the camp on Day04
Photo: first of views of BrijGanj Dhura - 4666 meters from Marjhali
Photo: BrijGanj Dhura - a closer view
Photo: upper reaches of Ralam valley - from Marjhali
Photo: are we there yet - yes and the clouds are following us - TrekDay04 at Marjhali camp - Sarbvir and Nitin !
Photo: Nitin outside the blue Mountain Hardwear tent
Photo: Marjhali camp with Suitila on the right of the photo