Fascinating Raindrops
Sep 7, 2008Public
Photo: The rain begins
Photo: The puddles deepen
Photo: But it needs a really ferocious shower...
Photo: to zoom in and capture the impact of rainsdrops
Photo: flash phoro of raindrops
Photo: flash phoro of raindrops 2
Photo: using iso 1600 and 1/1000s to capture raindrop impact
Photo: Raindrop crater
Photo: raindrop crater 2
Photo: raindrop crater 3
Photo: raindrop ejected from water
Photo: multiple ejections of drops of raindrop
Photo: raindrop impacts at different stages
Photo: strange raindrop projections
Photo: rain on the bonnet of a car
Photo: adjusting the fucus of rain on car bonnet to focus on reflection
Photo: reflection in a puddle
Photo: puddle reflection inverted for unusual effects
Photo: The end of the storm