Feb 24, 2008Public
Photo: Summit, Mt Hood, 1962. 12 yrs old. Climbing's in the blood.
Photo: Leaving from PDX.
Photo: Quick Summary of Alps Trekking.
Photo: Frankfort Rail Station
Photo: Frankfurt. Don't need to know much German.
Photo: Rothenburg - Walled City entrance
Photo: Walkway around walled-city
Photo: Another entrance to Rotenburg (walled city)
Photo: HohenSchwangau. Bringing in the cattle.
Photo: HohenSchwangau (lake shore)
Photo: Crazy Von Ludwig Castle. BJ with Local resident.
Photo: Climbing peak behind Ludwig's castle.
Photo: Local hiker (Austria)
Photo: Ehrenberg Ruins (climbed the walls)
Photo: Taking in the crop by hand.
Photo: Entering Salzburg.
Photo: Jahn Street. Wonder if it's a relative?
Photo: Nice work with chalk.
Photo: Looking across old-town Salzburg
Photo: Plaza in old-town, Salzburg.
Photo: Immigrant from Poland (escaped Russian regime)
Photo: street musicians (Salzburg)
Photo: Upper Dachsteins (above Halstatt).
Trails are darn confusing up here, especially in the clouds.