Workcamp Kosovo: "Living together with positive stories" (Fotos Aleksandra Hiltmann)
Jan 18, 2013Public
Photo: Budapest-Belgrade
Photo: overnight stop in Belgrade
Photo: endless fields in Serbia - almost as endless as the train journey to Belgrade
Photo: on the road to Prishtina
Photo: long bus journey from Belgrade to Prishtina
Photo: first sights of Prishtina
Photo: taxi between Obiliq and Plemetina
Photo: 3 languages spoken in the village: Serbian, Albanian, Romani
Photo: Plemetina
Photo: once upon a time...there was a train connection between Plemetina and Prishtina
Photo: a day in the village
Photo: a day in the village
Photo: Plemetina
Photo: downtown Plemetina
Photo: kids enjoying their free time
Photo: mosque in Plemetina - by the end of our stay it also got a nice top which distinguishes it more clearly from the power plant chimney
Photo: Plemetina
Photo: our neighbourhood in the mahala
Photo: neighbourhood
Photo: typical for the mahala: houses with big gardens
Photo: outskirts of the village
Photo: dawn in Plemetina
Photo: in the fields at the entrance of the village
Photo: our home during the work camp