Jan 20, 2009Public
Photo: Dubious bridge across the outflow of the Biafo Glacier on the walk in from Askole to the Baltoro Glacier. The walk in to the snout of the Baltoro took 3 days.
Photo: The Trango Castle (5753m), taken from Khubortse, our first camp on the Baltoro Glacier.
Photo: The Trango Group above the Baltoro Glacier. The high summit in cloud is Great Trango (6286m), the east face of which (on the right) is the tallest vertical rock face in the world. The Trango Tower or Nameless Tower (6239m) can be seen on the right. The peak to the left is the Uli Biaho Tower (6109m).
Photo: Cathedral Tower (5866m) from Urdukas, seen across the 3km wide moraine covered Baltoro Glacier.
Photo: Looking back towards the Trango and Cathedral groups from a makeshift bridge across a stream on the surface of the Baltoro Glacier.
Photo: Goro camp at 4300m in the centre of the Baltoro Glacier. Concordia lies in the distance beyond Mitre Peak.
Photo: Masherbrum (7821m), the 22nd highest mountain in the world from Goro camp on the Baltoro glacier. We had been waiting all day for the clouds to reveal its summit and were finally rewarded.
Photo: The same view early the following morning.
Photo: Gasherbrum IV in the late afternoon from Goro camp on the Baltoro.
Photo: Pack animals on the Baltoro Glacier with Paiju Peak (6600m) behind on the left, and the Trango and Cathedral groups in the centre.
Photo: Masherbrum from Goro camp.
Photo: Unnamed peaks on the south side of the Baltoro close to Concordia.
Photo: Anette and Huge relaxing on the Baltoro Glacier. The Mustagh Tower (7284m) is beyond with its summit in cloud.
Photo: Gasherbrum IV (7925m) (centre) with Broad Peak (8051m) on the far left from the Baltoro Glacier
Photo: Broad Peak (8051m).
Photo: Unnamed peaks on the south side of the Baltoro close to Concordia.
Photo: Looking back down the Baltoro on the final approach to Concordia.
Photo: Gasherbrum IV (7925m).
Photo: Mitre Peak (6015m).
Photo: Gasherbrum IV (7925m), the 17th highest mountain in the world. A spanish pair were making a lightweight ascent of the snow ramp leading to the col on the right and were visible with binoculars.
Photo: Gasherbrum IV (7925m) from Concordia. The name translates as "Beautiful Mountain". It is the 17th highest mountain in the world.
Photo: K2 (8611m) and Broad Peak (8051m) from Concordia.
Photo: Broad Peak (8051m), the world's 12th highest mountain.
Photo: K2 from Concordia. The face towers almost 4 vertical km above the Godwin Austin Glacier.