Travis Live floor and Tipper type trailers, updated February 09, 2012
Feb 9, 2012Public
Photo: Type 1 of 4, CLASSIC
Photo: Type 2 0f 4, VERTEX
Photo: Type 3 of 4, WAVE
Photo: Type 4 of 4, AEROLITE
Photo: Entry door
Photo: Keith V floor, and hydraulic flip tarp
Photo: Optional High tailgate
Photo: Optional high lift tailgate
Photo: High lift gate
Photo: Aerolite Live floor
Photo: Aerolite Inside view
Photo: Manual, over-center, tailgate latch, with hinged paddles
Photo: Roll Rite electric side roll tarp
Photo: Approved Rear Underride bumper
Photo: Rear Underride Bumper
Photo: Rear Underride Bumper
Photo: Aerolite with Aero Industries Lid Hydraulic Flip tarp
Photo: Small Catwalk
Photo: Ladder on gate, Lights mounted in gate, flaps mounted on gate
Photo: Aerolite, wide catwalk
Photo: Aerolite live floor
Photo: Wave live floor