Chiniguichi Lake, 07/14
Jul 27, 2014Public
Photo: At the put in - Chiniguichi Lake
Photo: "Solo" Sean
Photo: Campsite's "front" door
Photo: the "back" door
Photo: another campsite, another fire pit rebuild!
Photo: newly installed "thunderbox" by the CCC - Chiniguichi Crapper Company!
Photo: dedication plaque/thunderbox - provided in memory of Dr. Buttrum by his family with construction and placement facilitated by the Friends of Temagami
Photo: even comes with instructions :-)
Photo: the rest of the crew, Sean, Allie, Bob and Jan
Photo: hazy forest fire smoke over the "Elephant"
Photo: smoke drifted in from 4 fires in the Spanish River area
Photo: the "elephant" - gonna climb that today!
Photo: but first - another thunderbox installation - Jan sanding the seat area with a rock
Photo: another job finished
Photo: President - Chiniguichi Crapper Company
Photo: lookout on the Elephant
Photo: southeast view of the lake and area
Photo: east view
Photo: northeast view
Photo: the true "summit"
Photo: sunset approaches