CHE Tape-Slide Kit
Aug 26, 2008Public
Photo: We are all born and we all die
Photo: We are all different even when we try to look and behave the same
Photo: Wouldn't it be boring if we wre all the same
Photo: One of the differences is the way in which we are sexually attracted to other people
Photo: There is a complete spectrum of sexuality
Photo: In the UK there are about 3 million people who are totally homosexual
Photo: 3 million people is equal to the population of Wales. This does not include people who are bisexual.
Photo: In any group of people there will be some who have homosexual feelings
Photo: At the end of the disco, some go off in pairs, some in groups and some go alone
Photo: Dave watches his brother take his girlfriend home
Photo: He sees Sue and Jane leave together, but he doesn't realise that they are lesbians
Photo: Sue's mother moans that she is always at Jane's flat "how do you expect to meet a nice boy?"
Photo: Dave's brother says "Wasn't there anyone you fancied - people will thinh you're queer or something"
Photo: Dave's brother is thinking of his girlfriend; Sue is thinking of Jane; Dave lies awake .... "Why do I think about other lads and not girls?"
Photo: Perhaps there is something wrong with me. I wish I could talk to someone about it.
Photo: Who could Dave talk to? He's afraid of what they might think of him. He could talk to the Samaritans.
Photo: Many people try to conform so that they are like their friends. There is a conflict between what he is and what people want him to be.
Photo: His problem is not homosexuality, but society's attitude towards it. Everything emphasises heterosexual relationships
Photo: Ignoring your true sexual feelings simply blunts your emotions
Photo: Nobody paints a happy picture of life for a homosexual
Photo: Dave has been brought up to be truthful, but he worries that if he's honest, then his family and friends might reject him
Photo: Society has fixed ideas about how men and women should behave and look. Which people in the picture are married? Which have girlfriends or boyfriends?