Nottingham's LGB venues
Feb 9, 2011Public
Photo: The Flying Horse - 1950s/60s
Photo: The George - 1940s/50s
Photo: The New Foresters - 1950s to present day
Photo: The Roebuck - 1960s/70s
Photo: The Pavilion Club - 1971-1983
Photo: Marios/Shades/Whispers - 1971-1982
Photo: La Chic - 1973-1977
Photo: The Old Dog and Partridge - 1970s/80s
Photo: The Hearty Goodfellow - 1970s/80s
Photo: Part Two - 1981-1985
Photo: The Hole in the Wall - 1980s (briefly)
Photo: The Newmarket - Gay friendly over a long period
Photo: The Dragon - 1982/3
Photo: Gatsbys/Central/Niche/Centra/The New Gatsbys 1983-2009
Photo: Astoria/MGM/Ocean - early 1980s/90s
Photo: The Women's Centre - 1980s/90s
Photo: Club 69/L'Amour/Nero's - mid 1980s/mid 1990s
Photo: Casablanca/Kitsch - late 1980s/90s
Photo: Admiral Duncan/@D2 - late 1990s to 2011
Photo: The Forester's Inn - Gay friendly late 1990s/early 2000s
Photo: Jacey's/Ice/Pink 2000/2010
Photo: The Lord Roberts - late 1990s to present day
Photo: The Maze - occasionally lesbian venue late 1990s to present day