May 16, 2016 Spring Series #3
May 16, 2016Public
Photo: Avalance a little shorthanded
Photo: Mojo steaming towards the line
Photo: Mojo taking Line Honors
Photo: A good day for Mojo!
Photo: Jabiru aiming for the RC boat to show their displeasure with the course!
Photo: Bozo on kite trim!
Photo: Training a new mast girl, start em young!
Photo: D9 Steaming towards the Line
Photo: D9 taking Div 2 Line Honors
Photo: A lot of "stuff" hanging over the rail!
Photo: A powerboater on trim?!
Photo: Nice gybe!
Photo: OK lets get that thing down and go drink beer!
Photo: That race was groovy!
Photo: Love it or list it getting things figured out!
Photo: Nice job Jeannette, show the boys how it's done!
Photo: If John Peterson can stand on the deck whilst driving, so can I!
Photo: If you are on the bow, you need to tell me if I am running over the mark!