Okinawa 2017
Apr 1, 2017Public
Photo: Catching an early flight to Okinawa
Photo: She-sa guarding the building
Photo: Mini-mural near Shuri castle
Photo: In front of Shuri castle
Photo: Throne room of Shuri castle
Photo: Traditional Okinawan chopsticks
Photo: Okinawa soba, oden and beer
Photo: Fish market in central Naha
Photo: Umibudo (sea grapes) as an appetizer with beer
Photo: So-ki, braised pork with soft cartilage
Photo: Backstreet market exploration
Photo: Sashimi sampler
Photo: Rafute - Okinawan braised pork belly
Photo: Lively markets on Kokusai Dori
Photo: Kokusai Dori at night
Photo: Fuu-champuru, our second favorite dish of the trip
Photo: Fried bean paste with awamori cocktail
Photo: Agu pork sausage
Photo: Lamps in yataimura in Naha
Photo: Our host and his pet snake
Photo: Back street market shutter mural
Photo: Kuniko outside our favorite restaurant of the trip
Photo: Spam and eggs that looked so good I forgot to take the picture first
Photo: Our favorite Soki soba in Okinawa