Death Valley exploration on motorcycle
Jun 6, 2013Public
Photo: DSC_3583.jpg
Photo: Owens Lake
Photo: SR 190 on the way to Death Valley
Photo: Saline Valley - I will get stuck there
Photo: I am glad that I have knobbies!
Photo: Saline Valley road
Photo: DSC_3486.jpg
Photo: Turn to Lippincott road that was supposed to get me to the 'sailing rocks'
Photo: It is desert all right!
Photo: Lippicott Road - there is The Racetrack playa
Photo: DSC_3493.jpg
Photo: Entrance to the Death Valley - road seem to be OK so far
Photo: Firs oops! sand and rocks got me. Glad that I have plastic panniers - my leg was trapped but unharmed!
Photo: Road worsens
Photo: After jumping and falling on those rocks I had to turn back
Photo: VStrom is too heavy for this kind of roads, I had to 'walk' it downhill
Photo: I was never so exhausted in my life!
Photo: Back to Saline valley floor. Did I mention it is !H-O-T! there!
Photo: 2013-06-01 20.00.26.jpg
Photo: Venus shining
Photo: Death Valley is the darkest place in US
Photo: My bike under the starry night
Photo: Long exposure shot, you can see plane light passing above mountains
Photo: DSC_3528.jpg