Redbed Second Year
Jan 20, 2007Public
Photo: The redbed is 50 feet long and 5 feet wide, next to the blacktop and garage.
Photo: Mid section in mid August
Photo: Late summer glory
Photo: early July - hollyhocks, daylilies, gaillardia, lilies
Photo: Dark red hollyhocks and monte negro asiatic lilies.
Photo: Despite being portrayed as true red, these lilies are pinky red and will be moved.
Photo: Late summer the amaranthus really dominate the bed.
Photo: Sedum Autumn Joy adds nice contrast and texture all through the season.
Photo: Carmencita castor bean was new this year, what a beauty!
Photo: cypress vine - ferny foliage and delicate true red stars
Photo: Akita dahlia, hibiscus moscheutos, knautia, amaranth, sedum, salvia
Photo: Reds that need moving - calla lily disappears with dark sedum background, similarly for sedum with amaranthus background.
Photo: “blackie” sweet potato vine, dahlias, humbert cannas
Photo: Basic layout  (left to right) - Background of red barberry, cannas;  Path;  5 foot flowerbed;  driveway
Photo: Backdrop of cannas and amaranthus
Photo: gottagarden and children.  Now if only they'd stay in there . . .
Photo: The prettiest flower
Photo: red barberry hedge backdrop - gorgeous fall glow, will only improve as they get larger
Photo: Containers near the red bed
Photo: Next year I'm moving cherry “sweet 100” from the veggie garden to the redbed obelisks
Photo: Tulips in spring are replaced by annuals in summer.