2014 - 15 ...Horncastle Old Cars etc
Jun 29, 2014Public
Photo: The first car to have abs brakes, and it probably needed them as the Police ditched them, reverting to Jaguar for Motorway cars.
Photo: A MkIII Granada over 20 yrs old now. This one with the executive trim and probably an engine closer to 2.9 than the bog-standard 2.0L.
Photo: A bemused elderly gentleman beginning to panic as his disabled badge doesn't stretch to double-yellow parking to pick up fastfood. My Hi-Viz shirt didn't help matters, and I must have cleared all 3 town car parks of untaxed and ticketed drivers, making quick getaways as I looked for Classic aged cars.
Photo: The four  light array could only mean a 3.5l p5b(uick)  Rover of 1967 vintage.. 
Photo: Beloved of ministers & monarchy,  they were bought & mothballed as there was little to replace them after the Arab oil embargoes of the 70's closed out large car manufacturers.
Photo: Over 20,000 V8s are around somewhere...
Photo: This is what a 4door Beetle would have looked like...
Photo: Okay as a wedding car,  but I think the rear engine precludes them from hearse duty.
Photo: A 1935ish Austin10 cabriolet's rear spare wheel..
Photo: It's vintage cooling vents.. many innovations were being trialled pre-war that weren't tried again until after the rationing and austerity of the 50's.

Photo: A recent buy,  I hope they got home ok,  the offside rear a bit under poundage,  me thinx.
Photo: Towering over and longer than a 60s car,  the 60's car doing the same to a modern car...
Photo: The  mk3 faster than the MG's for the 1st time due to the streamlined aerodynamics of 1973..
Photo: Quite a nice looking machine,  it never handled well in the early years,  and this reputation dogged it's later sales,  until it was eventually withdrawn.
Photo: Looking alot like the Lancia Fulva of the era,  probably due to it's Italian designer.
Photo: European Car of the Year,  beating Mercedes out in '64, this 66 Rover 2000  looking immaculate. 
Photo: By 1975 and Leyland, it was awarded the 'worst new car' award, beating out the Austin Allegro.  But bizarrely winning the European Car of the Year again in '77..
Photo: The boot was deceptively shallow due to Rover trying to compete with the Citroën hydraulic suspension and failing miserably.
Photo: A lovely coloured 1961 2.4 Jag.  Wikipedia waxes lyrical about specifications,  but has little of interest other than the original book forerunner of Inspector Morse had him driving a Lancia..
Photo: Over 45 years of use by the present owner..
Photo: The towbar in evidence,  usually a concern to see on cars as it means the engine has been under added strain,  but the 2.4l probably taking things in it's stride.
Photo: The 1961 sneaking in a pre-alphabet 6figure plate. The bright yellow fan a bit incongruous, I think I'd have given it a coat of black teflon.
Photo: The owner was busy wiping the constant drizzle from the waxed bodywork.
Photo: The best selling car of the mid 70's for several years,  the Cortina now rarely ever seen.