Classic Vehicles 2
Nov 6, 2013Public
Photo: A passing vehicle providing additional lighting. The alloy crosslace wheels and aerofoil make this an xjr-s LeMans perhaps...
Photo: With few white V12 sports versions ever hitting the road, I imagine this:
 is the car in question.
Photo: Quite possibly the 6.0litre v12 under the bonnet. Certainly not a car to be out in snow flurries, with torque enough to sandblast itself on a gritted road.
Photo: The reflectors catching the camera flash. Looking well for 25yrs old. The aerofoil aided drivability by over 10%, on a car that was more streamlined than it's predecessor, the E-type.
Photo: S is 1978, the year Forest won the League, but production of these stopped in 77 after 1/3Million - so this must be one of the last.
Photo: The first UK vehicle to have fuel injection, but problems forced it back to twin carbs by the time this one was built.
Photo: The S was the little brother of the PI & TC's, taking 11.5 seconds to reach 60mph with it's 2.5 6cylinders. I did once see one in fog with all lights lit - the driver was dazzling himself..
Photo: Looking and sounding all of it's 35 yrs, this 2.5 Triumph becoming a bit of a restoration project.
Photo: A bull terrier guarding the passenger side, this Riley celebrating 60yrs.
Photo: The 1.5L RME..
 fore-runner of the Riley pathfinder, often used as a Police radio-car.
Photo: A host of memorablia inside and out, with mapbooks, documents and manuals on the rear parcel shelf.
Photo: The old cobbles probably barely felt by the large comfortable quality tyres of the era.
Photo: Seen here next to a sports Range Rover, the 53 Riley had counterparts in France with Peugeot turning out something very similar.
Photo: The last of the MG Midgets, over 30 years old. Apparently with a 1500 Triumph engine by this time and the plastic and rubber fenders demanded by the American market...
Photo: Capable of over 100 mph, it was difficult to understand the decision to axe the popular marque. Certainly, 2 seaters would make alot of sense to many reps and bachelor(ettes), with their reduced footprint
Photo: It'd be difficult to design something more fun and utilitarian.
Photo: An old Fiesta parked in a difficult photo spot. Completely original as far as I could see and braving the winter frost and grit for the 30th time.
Photo: A nice paint job still, but some surface attention needed to the sills - obviously still driven as a main car.
Photo: Without the split windscreen, come together wipers and stalk indicators, this is an early 60's Morris 1 litre. The distinctive exhaust blap one of those distant childhood memories.
Photo: No electric seat heaters, instead the old classic warmer, the pet dog, in matching hue, of course.
Photo: From wiki:
.... "The 900 utilized a deeply curved front windshield, providing the best visibility ... the marque's aircraft legacy. Also ..., the 900's dashboard was curved,... easy reach of all controls and ... gauges lit up from the front, .. all controls and gauges placed in the dashboard according to ... use and/or importance so that the driver need not divert his gaze from the road ... and by the smallest angle. This is why, the oft-used radio is placed so high ... In keeping with ... its predecessor - the 99 model - the 900 employed a unique door design ..., entailing an undercutting sweep ..., engendering a tight, solid unit when the door was closed. This feature also eliminated the stoop ... at the footing of the door, ..., preventing water ... from ... entering the cabin, causing corrosion, as well as enabling ... enter and exit .. without need to step over a ..ledge".....

 James Bond's original car of choice until Hollywood took over..
Photo: Cars made by aircraft manufacturers tend to be that little bit more than run-of-the-mill.
 In 1981 in the shadow of Snowdon, a few Police Cadets waited until the instructor was asleep (tired by 6hrs driving), then yomped down to Betws y Coed for a pint - luckily hitching a lift with a Saab driver both ways...even in those days, the ride was incredible (with a full car), the winding Welsh droves easily handled.
Photo: One of only 170ish still knocking around on Britains roads, the Lotus Excel looking a bit damp on a Horncastle winters morning. It looked like an ongoing hobby, with beautiful interior, but an unfortunate peeling old respray of the exterior.
Photo: Probably about as rare as an E-type Jag. A hook up with Toyota at the time probably helping both parties, but unfortunately emission regulations killing it dead in the US before it ever left the test bed.