Lincolnshire Antiques
Nov 5, 2013Public
Photo: Bunny now moving her pine shop up Bridge St., the shop reincarnated as various things since. Not the largest shop in Horncastle, but with West St boasting a coffee shop & bookshop, that side of town next to Horncastle Antiques remaining vibrant.
Photo: Not generally ancient furniture, but some nice pieces with a high polish. Hares Antiques on Bridge St supplies alot of first time buyers and young families' furniture.
Photo: A grandfather clock next to disabled toilet access at Trinity Centre on Spilsby Rd. Previously tourist information and a church in previous lives, it's made up of dealer stands and owner's own antiques - the competition tending to keep them all competitive..
Photo: Old Henry V111 the scourge of Lincolnshire and anything Holy during his 'reign'. His miniature here in the old Catholic Trinity emporium the most pricey of all the figurines.
Photo: Whole collections often come up, through auctions, house clearances and the like. It's often the only buyers and the bigger antique dealers who can wait for the big re-sale, or the splitting sales.
This collection of Fire vehicles was 3x the size, and are competitively priced so children could have them as toys.
Photo: Princess Anne among other royal busts. A large Royal Collection came through Clare Boam's shops last year, and it's worth looking on ebay for her sales as she's a very active buyer (and seller).
Photo: Horncastle Antiques on West St, 3 storeys to the old warehousing made for Victorian dwarves. I enjoy looking at art as a victim of casual combined circumstances.
Photo: The library having a little display of bygone Horncastle over the Roman wall remnants..
Clockwise, the Travis Perkins building on Bridge St.; Thorpe & Robinsons drapers; Farm implements at Horncastle station; The rear of the George hotel recieving ale deliveries; After the 1920 flood on West St.; The May-day High St pre 1907, when it was a cul-de-sac at the market, and effectively pedestrianised; a canal boat; and the High st. post 1908 with horse drawn wagons rolling through. In the middle, a circus on it's way to the coast, again post 1908.
Photo: As luck would have it, an early 60's antique Moggy parked outside Clare Boams on North St. 
 I can't remember too many white ones. The Police used black, and later sky blue for their Pandas.
Photo: Given to St Mary's by the Queen's Champion at Scrivelsby, Eddie the Eagle recently found a new home at Trinity antiques on Spilsby Road. He has a twin at Lynn church and weighs about a quarter of a ton.
Photo: About all that was left from the big Seaview premises on Spilsby Rd, after the fair weather brought many foreign shippers. It's an experience in itself to see the opulance of the Imperial Years of Lincolnshire that spawned much discovery and naming of the New World, and one of the first Presidents of the Virginia Colony....
Photo: No particular guage, these little railway exhibits still with alot of mileage. Railway collections come up often enough to make quality rare additions to any hobby layout. Seen at Clare Boam's old CoOp on North St.
Photo: Yes, that's the back end of a 1980's Rolls Royce behind the antique children's carriage at the Big Chair Co. Previously used as a wedding car, it'd perhaps have less mileage than a used company's car.
Photo: Someone put in alot of effort in carving a train - for sale out on west st. at the Horncastle Antiques Centre dealer stands. With 3 storeys of goods to peruse, many dealers take a weekend to see the whole of the Town's emporiums.
Photo: The oak & pine emporium a handy alternative if that cherished broken chair can't be replaced from antique shops. Having just expanded after the retirement of Ron Short's barbers nextdoor, alot more items to be found for the rural idyll home.
Photo: Disney are amongst the ubiquitous items that are collectable these days. The Horncastle Theatre take an interest in the old clothes, and use them as costumes in some productions. Barbie dolls are now fetching 4 figure sums, whilst Thunderbirds and Space 1999 are becoming toys that Grandad played with.
Photo: A roof to floor shot of the inside of the Trinity Church antiques emporium. Even the carpeting is for sale. Swapping all the spot lamps to energy efficient saves about £1000 a year (x3 shops..)
Photo: George Baker Antiques on Boston Road. 2 or 3 nice Grandfather clocks and other choice items available at the time.
Photo: 1930's and 50's guitars and old amps at Old Hat Guitars on East St. Hank Marvin's signature was available, if the guitar was bought with it..
Photo: More from the Big Chair Co, whose premises are cavernous. Boats and model ships appear on a monthly basis in this coastal area, and it's common to see 2 or 3 around the town.
Photo: Collecting Thomas The Tank Engine or Barbies? Cuddly Toys?... The Precious Moments shop on the High St., next to LTSB, has been serving kiddies & adults alike for several years.
Photo: Kerfuffle previously on North St., collectables, bespoke (unique) gift ideas, and a variety of interchanging lines. Some with the rustic feel, some wiccan influenced, but an accent on durability and quality in all items, including the small furniture which looked ideal for childrens rooms. Now in Great Expectations on East St.
Photo: 30yr old Rolls Royce in amongst the antiquities at the Big Chair Co. I was surprised by the rare quality items there, tucked away down the South St. Perhaps more definitive antique than collectables, one can imagine it's variety giving rise to surprise bargains.
Photo: This courting couple may lose their sofa - it looks a bit too plush to remain in the window for long at Clare Boam's Old CoOp emporium. Quality is a watchword with second hand items, and it's often only the rarest of items that will sell in poor condition.