Earthquake 2008 fun
Nov 4, 2013Public
Photo: Made at, a little animation to spread the word, about the previous home of the site.
Photo: 2013 summer. Hard to blame this Bull Hotel scaffold on 2008, but after sweeping half a dustbin full of mortar up from my small cottage patio the morning after the quake, it's probable many building's maintenance schedules were brought forward that night.
Photo: If you imagine a 20 mile radius from the tremor epicentre, that's about pi x 400 or 1200 sq miles of the UK that needed contractors.
Photo: The small jitty going through to the High St. from the library area.
Photo: Horncastle Holiday my.opera - a little large on the text size perhaps. Skegness South Shore, first day of British Time as the clocks went back., 2012
Photo: About 5 years afterwards, and £housands are spent again on chimney and superstructure niggles.
Photo: Another shop's landlord having to take a knock on their profit.
Photo: Jul 2012 and something big afoot. China and the Kurils having larger quakes in the week preceding, releasing Eurasia, of which the UK is part of; the pressure of the Pacific causing attempted subduction in Central America - the magma disturbance being correollissed up to the Reykanes ridge and disturbing the Vulcanics of Iceland....
Photo: Motivational Fun. With Eyjaffjökull, Etna, Grimsvøtn already bubbling, 2012 may have been the year of the 'stay local' holiday
Photo: The queue for the coast usually gets bad after Horncastle, especially on Bank Holidays. So why not stay here, and be able to visit the coasts daily before the traffic jams build...
Photo: Horncastle Co-Op on the High St. swathed in scaffolding
Photo: A little something I cooked up on my mobile phone editing.. The Skegness fisherman mascot and the phrase 'jolly bracing' was coined on railway posters in Victorian times, and the town adopted him. His statue could be found at the railway station, greeting travellers, and at the top of town by the clock tower.
Photo: It's surprising the childhood memories that come back whilst looking at the 60's toy collections that come through. It's like having a dozen museums in the town.
Photo: The Admiral Rodney hotel having it's roof seen to.
Photo: I don't know if they had tomatoes growing on the church, but the sheeting was up there for over a month.
Photo: The cottage in North st I rented, being saved from the 16ft chimney next door.
Photo: The old banqueting suite, with 6 stories.., being revamped to eventually become the Wania India Garden Restaurant.
Photo: Butchers and Red Cross shop undergoing maintenance in the Bullring.
Photo: The large pet shop building on North St.
Photo: Horncastle Memorial hospital undergoing scaffold fun.
Photo: Bed and Breakfast on North st, chimney saving.
Photo: The major danger in a UK quake over 5.5R would be the redundant tonnage of chimneys kept for senti-mental aesthetics in most conservation areas. Areas like Christchurch NZ or Washington USA, that have had heavy tremoring, learnt very quickly that ornaments weighing enough to squidge cars could be done without.
Photo: The UK is at the other end of the Eurasian Plate to Japan. If it coughs, we usually shiver. The cloud here after a 9.0 deep under Vladivostok knocked pictures off the wall in Romania, half a world away.
Photo: I love straight and square clouds.