Louth LN11
Nov 4, 2013Public
Photo: From the church tower, and the SE view towards the old school teacher area of the town.
Photo: The North side. Upkeep is running at £2,000/week apparently.
Photo: The most extravagant tea-room in the World?!
 Refreshments & useful souvenirs served.
Photo: The St.James church exterior, south side, catching the autumnal Sun. Most churches with the tower to the West so the shadow doesn't refrigerate morning worship.
Photo: A small medieval warren - my kind of street, a street with a deal...
Photo: The Tower being so tall, is difficult to photograph from close up, and far away, on a camera phone. It dominates the town like a modern tower block.
Photo: The medieval houses and streets of Louth, but it's not often you see a V6 taxi in these parts, and a Lexus at that. This one sporting a 1995 plate.
Photo: Back inside the church stairwell, looking down past my foot..the lower steps recently re-made after the years of bell-ringers making their way up to the belfry.
Photo: Some of the grafitti was practically engraved, possibly steeplejacks, brickies or gravediggers?
Photo: The Packhorse pub maximising it's usefulness with a diner, pub, accomodation and cocktail type bar. The library found under the arch behind it's car park.
Photo: 330 yrs ago Edward Fenick was scratching his name dyslexically in Louth Church Tower...the oldest readable grafitti I saw on the 200ft climb.
Photo: It's surprising the steps didn't go down under the tower too, Lincoln Castle in particular discovering as much underground as on the surface.
Photo: Quite close to the Minster, Castaline model & fishing shop, purveyors of maggots and the little pots of modelling paint so hard to find since the demise of Woolworths.
Photo: The SEast area of the town with it's ethnic restaurants and beginning of the main retail area.
Photo: Looking North upto the hospital and industrial estate area. As usual, the weather up Humberside completely different to the Wolds.
Photo: Looking up the spire from the top of the square 200ft tower at St. James.
Photo: A tudor house just outside the church door, not sure if it hasn't been the vicarage at some time.
Photo: The cafe that does benefit from the bus station - breakfasts with mug of tea still well under £5. A loyal clientelle of min wage workers, single mums, elderly and disabled.
Photo: Medieval glebe and mews paths. Only the windmill and whorehouses had more deeply tramped paths.
Photo: The wonderful 1930's era Playhouse, which the town has done well to keep, so many demolished, made into warehouses or flats.
an independent film club operate their own choices inbetween the cinema schedule..
Photo: Halfway up the Louth church tower and a view out of an archers slit, to the West.
Photo: The little White Swan Inn from the sixteenth century. Monks lived to the East and Minster to the West, so the protected King's Swans down behind around the Lud River may well have been unmolested and begging for crusts.
Photo: The tax office area and jobcentre / council offices in Louth.
Photo: The library, it's several computers constantly booked-up by people who really need to save for a week or two and buy a small phone + web bolt-on.