Skegness Day Trip, Cars & Carnival
Nov 6, 2013Public
Photo: Trying to metal detect at the high tide mark proving fruitless - groins, piers and around the ice cream vans would be more lucrative, me thinx.
Photo: The turbines 5Km away in the sea mist, dome-inated by a couple of spectators.
Photo: You can guarantee after 8 months of inactivity, the Spring or August Bank Holiday will see a half mile stretch of bus route will get coned off for no apparent reason.
Photo: More beach life with buggy rides on the sand dunes, hopefully not dropping as many fluids as the donkeys..
Photo: What do you do if a doberman wants your ice cream...
Photo: The sandbanks in evidence at Low eclipse tide. The Sea level has varied, and has been lower, the dangerous parallel channels giving Skegness it's name - a skeg needed on the bottom of a boat to navigate the Nesses.
Photo: Several now popping up at Skegness - even a couple...I'm waiting for the first classical metal body paint nude..
Photo: Nuttals donkey troupe in the background, with an ice-cream van providing utility. The sands pretty full of folks in the afternoon.
Photo: One of the lowest tides possible leaves the pier end high and dry.
Photo: This hot dog character has more people posing for photos than anything in Skegness.
Photo: Testing machines not quite up to computer standard, the usual punch balls, hammers, pulsometers and this one claiming to spot passion.
Photo: Not quite sure of it's actual name yet, it's being added next to the pier. Catapults 2 people half as high again as the columns either side.
Photo: A rather new piece of brick, I hope the wind turbine footings aren't being washed away..
Photo: No camera trickery here, that's miles of good beach on the North shore of Skeggy
Photo: On approach to the town, a big square silohuette is seen on the horizon - the culprit isn't 'The Borg', but the County Hotel on the North Parade.
Photo: The Southview complex a mile or two from the beach not as busy as previous years. Although Butlins keeps attracting people with professional entertainments, many people perhaps reining in their expenditure for motel type parks, finding the extra expense just for amenity costing a little too much. B&B, self catering and guest houses flourishing on the roads up to the beaches, and out in the Wolds.
Photo: This couple digging in for some serious R&R. That's the nice thing about the beach, we all own it.
Photo: A historic meeting place and venue, The Ship Atlantic Bar on Roman Bank crossroads. Designed with a ship's infrastructure in mind, I believe it has listed status.
Photo: A nice Nordic looking scene here, further North than any Canadian city. Not quite Ice Road trucking weather, a few brave souls wandering around. Hi-liting the low tide at Full Moon as West Canada hummed to a 7.7 Earthquake that threatened to wipe out more life on Earth as a tsunami was feared to be making it's way to Japan to finish off the crippled Fukushima nuke plant. 100,000 evacuated to higher ground in Hawaii...
Photo: I've no idea why he brought it to me, possibly eyes and ears full of salt water..
Photo: The boat rides & go-karts by Bottons fayre proving popular in the sunshine.
Photo: A nicely situated crazy golf course up at Bottons pleasure beach on the prom.
Photo: The newer Hildreds shopping centre blended in with the Baptist church at the rear.
Photo: Used for the occasional concert & mothers union creche, I'm sure a phone mast in the tower, the occasional domestic wind turbine and solar panels on the roof would have it turning a tidy profit...