Horncastle Lincolnshire Antiques 2014
Apr 2, 2014Public
Photo: A load of lucky old Sixpences at Clare Boam's Trinty church antiques centre - pick out your birthdate!
Photo: Pottery & figurines figuring prominently at Clare Boam's shops, this Beswick animal display one of many.
Photo: A wonderful set of larger Beswick wildlife at the Trinity centre.
Photo: Betty Boop's garter conspicuous on this life size statue at The Big Chair Co. off South St.
Photo: A whole bygone era preserved in miniature - alot of these antique centres should charge admission as museums..
Photo: The Big Chair Co renovating and making upholstered furniture - these wipe clean childrens items for the discerning infant.
Photo: A modern reproduction mantle clock sitting on the old font display area at the Trinity church.
Photo: Coalport figurines collected avidly by many, Clare Boam often making sure the rarer more sort after are available.
Photo: Each pottery company had their own style, these Doulton's well glazed and fun in their conception.
Photo: Antique disney? Well 2014-1960= over 50 years old for some characters...
Photo: Oh my, a fantastic drawing room display at The Big Chair company, and a fraction of the cost of modern suites.
Photo: This more modern piano in amongst the Grand Pianos and pianolas at the Trinity centre
Photo: Another plush photo from The Big Chair Co.  display, with refurbished aviaries in attendence.
Photo: A display of the craftsmen skills at The Big Chair co., showing there's no reason why Lincolnshire can't keep it's glorious heritage..
Photo: Snow White & the 7up pack. Always regarded as a fairy story in the West, in Russia and The Balkans it was common practice to keep shortness out the gene pool by sending them away from the town into exile with only one girl...
Photo: The collectable side of Horncastle, with accesorizing outfits & jewellery at Graces Boutique up North St. The Fleece arcade window here opposite the Wintersun tanning salon & jewellers..
Photo: The coronation & jubilee cups are quite common, but the plates tend to be rarely seen. This one from the 1935 silver jubilee seen at Excellente on North St.
Photo: A smorgasbord of old brooches & jewellery in amongst the dealer stands at Excellente on North st.
Photo: A chest dating from 1650, original handcrafted cabinet making, seen at the Old Coach House antiques behind The Bull Hotel. Church pews also come through on a semi-regular basis.
Photo: A somewhat rare Chinese handcrafted table in the living room styled Mr G & Miss C on West St.
Photo: These unique feathered light shades guaranteed to turn any home with a cat into funtime..
Photo: Alot of people use the bric-a-brac pictures to cannibalise for the frames, but occasionally there's the odd few that make the grade as regards rarity and quality. This one spotted in Clare Boam's Co-Op window.
Photo: Chester the guard parrot watching over the ornaments in the Old Co-Op on North St. His shrieks can be heard across the town.
Photo: Jabberwock books just off the market with a themed display of RAF memorablia, more RAF links in the Superfortress post.., and the Attractions link.