Artful Dodger
Nov 6, 2013Public
Photo: Not sure the Dickies brand should have emphasised the beginning of their name to sell hats..
Photo: Quite a common scene at the tyre dock, a pitstop for one of the many apprentice Schumachers from the pensioner chalets..
 Memories of the Granny Turismo artists that lit up last Summer's Fayre..
Photo: A tribute to my serendipitous photography skills, with the Pirate boat at Bottons coast funfair becoming the 'irate' boat, it's nose piercing the Sun.
Photo: umpa umpa, shove it up your jumper..
Photo: The BBC recording material for the:
 bargain hunt antiques programme. At the rear of the Admiral Rodney hotel. The crew were impecably quiet & demure; guests at the hotel had to ask to confirm that the party was actually a working outside broadcast crew.
Photo: Who's this self-photo in an art mirror at Horncastle Antiques on Bridge St.
Alot of 60's items finding their way there...
Photo: Aaah, a sign at can almost feel the juice on your chin..
Photo: A sign just east of the town at High Toyton, proving Rednecks were descended from the Lincolnshire Pilgrim Fathers.
Photo: Not sure if it featured on Graham Bonnet's Night Games, but number 26 of only 26, of these guitars ever made.
Photo: The artwork for the bowling alley wall at the rear of a Skegness Casino, using the Route66 theme of the adjacent Casino Cafe. Rather romanticised as the prehistoric fumarole stacks made famous in Close Encounters are pretty much only found in areas of Wyoming, far from R66.
Photo: Not convinced of the efficacy of a pebble dashed / tropical toilet theme at the rear of one of the arcades..
Photo: The Thinker perhaps mulling over at least two major points in Kerfuffle..
Photo: The portrait painting (that's in the Antique Album too), making it's own art over the 'Mind Your Head' sign.
Photo: The 'Calm Down' & .... signs popular with the rustic arts around the UK Country-Set.
Photo: 25 years later than Bowie, the boys from ZZ Top also strumming to red electric guitar.
Photo: An epitome of Britishness.
 The old Riley back from a summer show at The Petwood Hotel, parked by the phoneboxes on the market, with uniformed grammar school pupils enjoying their dinner break in the Sun.
Photo: The guy at the camel racing taking to wearing a tea towel & apron..
Photo: Boots chemist concerned for welfare..
Photo: That did say amusements. The naughty postcards facade suffering from my camera skills..
Photo: Nearly making the Jolly Fisherman statue juggle Bottons big-wheel on the Prom at Skegness.
Photo: A steely reflective sea with a deep orange here at Skegness promenade, the sand baked more orange after 30°c temps a few days earlier.
Photo: Toycastle doing cards now..
Photo: The pet & grooming shop at the top of North St doing bait....I think...
Photo: No.11 North St., Previously the home of Toycastle, and the Grenadier Guard (& Queen reverse) photo oppurtunity.