NCC 33 run Thimbleby Easter 2014
Apr 20, 2014Public
Photo: The claret and the aerodynamic styling...
Photo: Clean cut + artwork...
Photo: Practicality, useful lights, strategic tool kit to guard against wheelies..
Photo: Traditional style + artwork, liable to be rather speedy...
Photo: Couldn't suss the message on the tank, suspect there maybe a juicy story behind it..
Photo: Quite a beast, and with steering wheel...
I always look for guards over the back tyre & chain on builds like these.
Photo: A Pink Floyd teacher look to the front end with the eye lights and swept back bars. Engines in the back..
Photo: A hardcore camper - built to pull a trailer too. Rats on the mudguards, but looks pretty sound engineering wise.
Photo: Another that may well be deceptively nippy, the lack of ironwork and accessories adding to friendly performance..
Photo: A nice job with the exhaust pipe thru to the rear wheels. Looks like a comfy ride if it's unloaded springs keeping the rare mudguards high.
Photo: A couple of nice paint jobs, the painted handlebars looking good on the red bike..
Photo: Another purely practical trike, the proof of design always in the riding..
Photo: Another tear drop tank and nice finishing, I wonder if there's more accessory additions yet to come..
Photo: The slimness caught my eye here, in a world of obesity it's become an attraction..
Photo: A useful piece of kit..Would racking a top box over the wheel spoil the effect, or add to it...
Photo: Very clean design, to say these bikes had come from all over the country, hardly a trace of muck, oil or fluids on any of them..
Photo: A skeletal design & paintjob done well, crank case shining..
Photo: A professional job all round, clean & fast & possibly comfy..
Photo: Fat tank, paintjob, whitewalls, comfy seat, unique bars...alot of bike going on here..
Photo: Erm...
Photo: V8 7.7L Cadillac...enough to give any dissenting parties a cardiac, I would have thought.
Photo: Not easy to have the engine as a secondary consideration here, but the air intakes and passenger area grabbing attention..
Photo: Nitrous Oxide, for the odd Honda Fireblade moment..
Photo: Nice clean finishing - if you needed a trike to say 'Cadillac', then this one does it well..