Lincs Ambucopter Air Ambulance
Feb 12, 2015Public
Photo: Showing the ambucopter on take off after attending the town centre
Photo: Slowly, steadily at full power to guard against yaw and drift amongst the street lights and telephone lines.
Photo: Several unmarked Police and Doctor cars attending this incident. This one having to negotiate a long blind bend on the wrong side of the road.
Photo: Having considered other landing options, the Junction was commandeered for over half an hour.
Photo: The co-pilot spotting with the door open as they landed within a few seconds of appearing.
Photo: Even a telephone line appearing in shot, as they centered the helicopter amongst the street poles.
Photo: Coming in to land after a short half circle to assay the area. Not the first time on this junction.
Photo: Lift off, and a little pirohuette. No photo of the rear as I was nearly knocked off my feet by the MD902 engines' draught.
Photo: Preparing for take-off, lights on and instrument checks..
Photo: The pilot busy around the machine as the co-pilot attended the first aid scene.
Photo: Some younger kids crying at the noise; juniors wanting a photo infront of it; but most people respecting it was working at a solemn task.
Photo: -2c on Monday morning & somebody goes over in a supermarket car park with a life threatening head injury..The Air Ambulance landing nearby.