Horncastle Wolds Snow
Nov 4, 2013Public
Photo: The first snows were melted by the salt on the sand. The second snows found young soil..Skegness beach white-over, from the webcam on the RNLI building.
Photo: The jitty through to the central car-park & supermarket, something of a gamble at -10c with somebody's burst pipes creating a nice set of icecicles. Mid January 2013.
Photo: Carmen's garden on Bridge St always interesting, the heavy dollops of snow giving it an extra makeover.
Photo: 2013 winter morning, the 2nd week of January and a snowy start in the market place covering the phone boxes and post-office roof.
Photo: Asking people to put their bins at the end of the drive can be problematic in the Wolds at the best of times.
Photo: I don't think he'd seen any tourists for a while, certainly bemused.
Photo: The vines & patio table getting a snow covering as the day wore on. 14/1/13.
Photo: The birds were busy tanking up prior to the deluge of snow, you could tell something was coming weatherwise.
Photo: The Red Lion yard not getting alot of use - the theatre at the rear. The 3rd snow of 2013, with complete melt inbetween each flurry.
Photo: A juxtaposition showing the effectiveness of double glazed patio doors. March 11 and still snow flurries at the Admiral Rodney.
Photo: The Waring managing to stay running off the Wold, the water upto the fence later in the week as meltwater turned it into a torrent.
Photo: This taken in 2013, with easter the coldest for a while. Cadwell and the A153 had been cut off in the week, but I was still surprised to see 10inch blankets as May approached.
Photo: The tree line covered in snow, the phoneboxes still regularly used, with the continuing gangster extortion racket of mobile phone prices.
Photo: The grounds to Banovallum House, just off Horncastle Market, making a virginal scene, the trees heavy with wet snow.
Photo: A clutter of snow cover on the market in the late Jan 2013 flurries.
Photo: The Ship public house on the junction of two A-roads, offering hot-food...without the tv aerials, it could be a scene from the middle ages..
Photo: The church doorway, which is gated & padlocked out of hours, still sees alot of my small change. If you wonder whether Our Maker exists, and whether he has Angels, you could try a little experiment and start chucking a few pence in donations & walking in the grounds. On my visits to Louth hospital after severing a finger on the day of the London bombings, I'd visit the Minster afterwards - years later I can barely tell which finger it was. Faith & Prayer, immeasurable scientifically. God Bless.
Photo: The scenic covering on the thatched mud & stud cottage at High Toynton, that probably viewed the Civil War Winceby battle, Dignatries and Kings visiting Bolingbroke, and foreign horse traders coming from Europe, that would have tied up at Wainfleet harbour.
Photo: Tea at the Bridge on West St. trying to ent-ice..
Photo: Compare and contrast with the garage forecourt photo. I think somebody's engine would have been frozen..
Photo: Evidence of some drifting at 450ft. With a bit more wind and storm, there might have been real problems for rural folk, not felt since '63.
Photo: I was feeling a bit dwarfed by the snow as I cycled around.
Photo: A strange ghostly ringing sound coming from the flagpole as the rope's attachment swung in the breeze. Many Horncastle folk chose christenings or marriages up here in God's country.
Photo: Somebody's got an interesting heating bill.. Yes, there's dead bodies under there..