Horncastle Jubilee & sofestival
Nov 6, 2013Public
Photo: The flags of Lincolnshire, Lions and Union Jack managed to see some blue sky as the Jubilee celebrations started.
Photo: The parade approaches the main junction after it's walk through the town from QEGs.
Photo: headed by an old vintage car decked out with Union Jacks.
Photo: it's mainly for the children, but quite a few adults were sporting red, white and blue.
Photo: uh-huh, but what is the costume used for the rest of the time?..
Photo: quite a spectacle of pom pom girls making a primal swaying down the bullring - an African village or Arabian caravan couldn't have done it better.
Photo: a classic mini pick-up bringing up the rear for the flower show
Photo: bravely holding up the holiday traffic, the pcso watches the air cadets through.
Photo: The poetess Ingelow info card.
Photo: our Isaac's info card - I felt I was in danger of incurring some frail old lady 'Benny Hill' like wrath for altering the displays slightly for photos.
Photo: a bible wreathed in blooms, part of the Wesleyian Jubilee Flowershow.
Photo: pretty much in their element, the Indians could have subdued the colonies if they hadn't been so fractious and entranced by trinkets..
Photo: quite a large floral display for the explorer Capt. Smith, enhanced by the golden lighting and polished wood surrounds.
Photo: Capt. John Smith of Willoughby near Alford, Lincs, arguably one of the first presidents of the American Colonies. Had Pocahontas not interceded, and the First Nation had fought like Indonesia, perhaps Geo IV wouldn't have gone so crazy - the Crown would probably be ruled by Hanover and not Brussels...
Photo: roses set into wire wool - there's a talent out there somewhere..
Photo: what children played with before the ipad..
Photo: the horncastle history post makes mention of several prominent Lincs folk - usually supported from farming wealth.
Photo: in austin-rover claret, once the stalwart of the Police and local cooperative shops, who had to give way to large conglomerates in the seventies
Photo: the info card for the NASA Leonaut, who I spotted in Louth last year.
Photo: No explanation card with this one - possibly the Cooling Towers of the Trent power stations visible from much of the Wolds.
Photo: The hangman flower display for William Marwood who lived next to Joe Banks and Henry Sellwood, magistrate and solicitor - quite a 3 ring circus.
Photo: The NASA fellow from Lincs. Not content with discovering much of the New World, Yellowbellies are now in Space.
Photo: Many adults seeing the blue toy tractors may well have memories of their steering. I often wouldn't buy a toy unless something worked on it.
Photo: A walking theme. Lincs is certainly more welcoming than Helvellyn or Snowdon where I did my Police Cadet outward bounds.