RNLI Skegness
Nov 4, 2013Public
Photo: The lifeboat just offshore, in contact with Humber coastguard during the training. The Cat dwarfing quite a substantial tractor used for towing the zodiac and equipment trailers.
Photo: The lifeboat doing turns out at sea watched by a small crowd. The articulated Cat trailer stood waiting it's return.
Photo: The lifeboat doing turns infront of the windfarm, the Zodiac training leaving it glistening in the sun, the radio transmissions clearly heard as they prepare to end the drill.
Photo: Quite a costly business, this lifeboat stuff. Perhaps some form of stamp on sea insurances could be levied to secure more stable funding for the institution, so it doesn't have to rely on donations.
Photo: The tractor with 'blues & twos' preparing to take the Zodiac out of the way for the lifeboat to land.
Photo: The submersible Cat reversing out to sea to throw a line to start the towing procedure..
Photo: A few moments later, from being out at sea, and it's hauling the lifeboat to the shore, where a track of rubber trestles are layed so the keel doesn't dig in.
Photo: The dragging is done steadily, the crew nipping to the rear to bring the last trestle to the front again.
Photo: The lifeguards down the beach watching proceedings, making sure the small crowd doesn't endanger themselves.
Photo: The dragging is done steadily, the crew nipping to the rear to bring the last trestle to the front again.
Photo: The beach is too wide for a traditional boat ramp, and the traffic too sparse to warrant pier or boathouse moorings.
Photo: The Cat sounding it's klaxhorn as it brings the trailer to the rear of proceedings to start winch loading.
Photo: It's a 3 storey station, but the boat and it's aerials barely squeezing in. The station given over to exhibits from Skegness' long coastal rescue history.
Photo: The autumnal Equinox and a Full Moon high tide saw the lifeboat practice drill again in glorious sunshine.
Photo: 4 or 5 gorgeous scale models of various boat classes and various historical ephemera.
Photo: One of the first things I did on moving to Lincolnshire, and gaining agricultural employment, was a similar manouvre to this, but reversing an irrigation pipe trailer across a rutted field and around a portaloo.
Photo: The amusement park in the background as final checks are made before winching.
Photo: The inflatable on an exercise JAN 5th 2014, with straight edge geothermal earthquake cloud out over Dogger Bank behind the turbines.
Photo: A small hole dug so the trailer tips reverse under the boat and find the weight.
Photo: Once winched past the mid point on the trailer, it falls horizontal.
Photo: The Lifeboat ready to be chained and towed back to the station.
Photo: The trestles packed away, the last chains secured.
Photo: Just a small charity shop at the beach side of the station selling souvenirs and locally made items.
Photo: The "Lincolnshire Poacher" Skegness Lifeboat crew member watching the tow coupling as the boat is reversed back into the station.