Horncastle Xmas for Kids
Nov 5, 2013Public
Photo: More original interesting colourful wooden toys around the xmas tree, repleat with small hanging gifts & parcels, at the Joseph Banks Centre on the West side of town, the centre employing some disabled who would otherwise be at loose ends on the public purse.
Photo: A wider view of the xmas tree and toy train in the Joseph Banks Center childrens room, with outsize hanging decorations, hamper baskets and ornaments.
Photo: A ride on wooden train, cuddly toys and christmas decorations amongst the Joseph Banks Centre's dedicated childrens room.
Photo: Jess the cat sitting on a Postman Pat van surrounded by pillows and ornate clocks - across the street are 2 old antique shops.
Photo: The secondary tree dwarfed by it's situation at the road junction.
Photo: An opposite view down to the christmas tree lights, the weather quite frost-free for a change.
Photo: Touchwood pine making a valiant effort, but large windows and depth to the shop always going to dwarf a display.
Photo: A hearth warming little display on North Street by the health food shop.
Photo: Previously Kerfuffle's long, thin, shop at the bottom of North St. (now Grace's boutique) with 4 windows all decorative, with a bedsit above adding to the festivities. Somebody's electric bill was a tad high come February, and I was questioned over leaving the 4w landing bulb on!
Photo: An empty market place except for a pidgeon and greenfinch trying to start a dawn chorus around the xmas lights.
Photo: Even the photocopier shop on North St. making a valiant attempt.
Photo: Touchwood in the Bullring again, alot of work going into the main windows.
Photo: Johnsons interflora section a bit damp for a clear photo, but anyone walking back from a christmas drink would probably be seeing things impressionistically anyway..
I know my grandma only ever got a new penny (a month's pocket money in the 1930's) and a whole orange, for xmas.
Photo: Heather's fruiterers showing ye olde nature of some of the shop fronts, with a small dinky display to fit.
Photo: This young pretty blonde being a bit coy about a photo - the fact that she'd parked the candy floss stall in front of the Tannenbaum perhaps escaping her.
Photo: One of the dealers at Great Expectations on East St. with some reasonable prices for boxed items of memorablia. I've seen them presented as interesting corporate gifts.
Photo: A changed display tactic from the kiddies scooters early in the season, to an adult sized bike. Recycle and Ride now out East Keal way, but still fixing and delivering around New contact - 01790763713
Photo: Santa being rickshawed round by a pedalling reindeer., probably under threat of becoming a venison burger..
Photo: Crowders garden centre having a fair selection of children's pursuits and small day-out treats.
Photo: Airfix kits and toy vehicles, again at East St. Often Hornby rail collections come through, and the odd item of rolling stock is usually found in amongst the many dealer stands. Often, the more modern toys, after the closure of Dinky, Corgi & Lesney , are as hard to find in boxed condition.
Photo: A large bright display by Cloudnine Crafts in the Bullring, who should know about these things, afterall.
Photo: The animal garden ornaments creating something of a nativity feel. Lions, nude classical and pet gravestones available...
Photo: A strong showing from Boston stall holders at the xmas fayre - a 5 minute wait to catch the frontage free from mums & kids looking for xmas toys.
Photo: The now closed Toycastle shop on North St., gearing up past 'Back to School' & Halloween for Bonfire Night and Christmas. Arguably catering for those who still believe in Santa & The Tooth Fairy - if you believe the Official version of The Moon Landings or 9/11, this was the shop for you..