Horncastle Rivers, Bain & Waring
Nov 5, 2013Public
Photo: Where the Waring and Bain join, you effectively have all the water of central Lincolnshire, and many of the over hoofed footballs..
Photo: Hoovering the Wold silt from the Waring river on Wharf rd., part of the ongoing flood plans for the town. I still favour a small hydro-(electric?) bore under Baumber for the Bain from Hemingby to the Witham.
Photo: The torrential rain of the 2012 spring giving the ducks a water feature next to the Waring.
Photo: An old mill on the River Bain, well above the occasional ankle flooding of late. I would have thought with the installation of a small footbridge from Tesco, a rear alley from the new housing developements.., the property could be a lucrative retail site - just off the A153, a thriving truck depot used to be nextdoor, and the Council yard is a few yards up the road, so transport links aren't a problem.
Photo: The Boston Rd corner after a torrential storm at the end of June.
Photo: 2 or 3 of these were working as a lose team hoovering the river bed.
Photo: The Police in attendance with the traffic lights outed several times with power outages during the storm.
Photo: Very nearly brimming to the top - once it reaches the drain nozzle outflows, the only way is up. I spotted the environment agency jeep making haste to open the sluice to relieve the river.
Photo: It took some time and quite a bit of pastry to get this fellow out of the shady deeps.
Photo: The grate and road demolished by the weight of run-off, turning the roads into whitewater.
Photo: A pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow? The old water mill on the River Bain opposite Tesco, adjacent to what was previously a successful Trucking depot (now homes).
Photo: The eventual outflow for the Horncastle Rivers, joining the witham at Coningsby and flowing out to the North Sea at Boston.
Photo: The Joseph Banks cottages on Bridge St sandbagged against a forecasted deluge.
Photo: The summer fayre cancelled in Horncastle with the rivers at their brim and more rain forecast.
Photo: The sight of a surprised duck having it's feet pulled from under it, when it ventured too close to this fish, was quite surprising..
Photo: The sandbags out as 4 inches of snow disappeared in a few early hours of Sun 27 Jan 2013.
Photo: Getting difficult to tell the cygnet from it's parents, the family group settling in around the supermarket car park where bread can be plentiful.
Photo: A view across the Waring to the broken manhole outside the library....this was only a quick 10minute storm...it rained for 6 hours in 1960.
Photo: A tractor on the Jubilee way next to the river Waring. Horncastle is blessed with a good town plan and quality natural open space, the signpost for the Viking Way, forming the Coronation Walk to the SW.
Photo: A spiderweb covered in water droplets next to the Bain river.
Photo: This shoal being careful in the shadows, 2 or 3 staying at different angles and depth to detect vibrations, like an interferometer.
Photo: The Bain river as it leaves the town, down past the swimming baths, under the Coronation walk footpath.
Photo: The little ornamental bridge over the Bain carries thousands of tonnes a day - yet room, oppurtunity and sense may yet add a couple of long needed altenative accesses to that most popular part of Horncastle.
Photo: The Lindsey Caravans Ltd of Spilsby Rd / East St were badly affected by the 1960 flood - their sign still holding up a bank on the Waring River 50 years later.