Lincolnshire Wolds Trips
Oct 14, 2013Public
Photo: This guy was down on the old station yard at Skegness with hundreds of Peacock butterflies and Cabbage Whites.
Photo: A short walk towards Hoe Hill soon puts it into relief against the sky line. It would take a superior doubting Thomas to deny the size and symmetry - truly a monument to the Ancient ones who thought it prudent to watch the Sun, Moon and Stars from a precisely built foundation.
Photo: Woods around West Ashby Manor showing some late autumn colour.
Photo: A strange naming process on the a153 north of Horncastle, or Saxon has evolved somewhat from when Belch, Fart, Lout and Horn were adjectives.
Photo: Nicely cared for Lincs Wolds junction in easterly Belchford, hit by a tornado (storm) a couple of years ago.
Photo: Eastern approach sign to Belchford with modern tractor and cows and dinnertime brings the mail..
Photo: The west end sign for the Wolds village featuring a huntsman on horseback with dogs.
Photo: The south approach sign to Belchford with owl hare and badger outside a Saxon chapel.
Photo: A favorite country pub amongst the wolds, 5 miles north of Horncastle, the Bluebell Inn. Not the easiest of places to drive to on icy dark evenings, but well worth it if you make it.
Photo: 8am-8pm Mini mart with the petrol station on Boston Rd, carrying an eclectic mix of magazines not found in the town!
Photo: The verges almost homeopathic in nature with a little bit of colour here and there making the entire trip more than green.
Photo: Unfortunately, until everyone turns vegetarian, animals are in the fields. It's best for your dog and the animals if they don't meet..
Photo: The 15minutes it takes to cycle upto 400ft at Fulletby rewarded with a lane of daffs to go with the 25mile all round views
Photo: A patch of daisies, amongst other things. No sign of wasps or bees, which is disturbing - only black fly and hover flies.
Photo: A large dandelion on it's way to seeding more of the verge with vitamin C for the wabbit's gnashers
Photo: A pyramid of rock salt coming early for next winter in the East Lindsey Council yard on Hemingby Lane Horncastle.
Photo: Still many months until pollen season - the month's worth of (yellow) dust on this van perhaps explaining why some parts of Europe have banned milk and salad for infants and nursing mums. More on the Japan radiological disaster at Alex Jones / prisonplanet / infowars / greenpeace/ youtube
Photo: I wonder if anyone's thought to harvest the dandelions - with 60x the vit c as a lemon they're very nutritious - ever seen a rabbit with scurvy?
Photo: The old interior of Mareham on the Hill church, with family stalls around the pulpit.
Photo: A salad brunch at Hennys tearoom Horncastle, the ploughman's lunch also very popular, with a selection of cheeses, a lite option after a tiring bike ride.
Photo: Not quite the usual High St, this old Roman summer route to the dock near Burgh, from Lindvum climbing to 450ft through Fulletby.
Photo: This hiker kept up with me for a bike ride out entailed a 4 mile climb and 10 mins vista watching, before dropping down to Belchford to meet the hiker on the Viking trail again.
Photo: Wolds pyre-amid. The top ridge east - west aligned, 3,000 or more years ago, at Hoe Hill near Ho-lbeck to the East of the town.
Photo: The A153 Louth Rd, north out of Horncastle, surrounded with blossom.