Horncastle Classics Vol 3.
Nov 6, 2013Public
Photo: Nearly 50yrs old and this VW having been on holiday & driving over 100 miles home. Would have been brand new in the hayday of the Beach Boys - but this l.h.d US import would have been found at Galveston or Brownsville, Texas not California.
Photo: The driver sitting infront of the front wheels set a precedent that was followed by all the manufacturers in the 60's.
Photo: The van has extensive alterations to it's brakes, gearing and wheels with Porsche lending a hand.
Photo: They could easily have manufactured large windscreen versions, but splitting the screen and angling the front gave it better aerodynamics than the Beetle car.
Photo: That's quite a hefty SUV behind it, and the rare fin wings on the Alpine were it's fuel tanks! Really exciting driving. Also showing the con of these new modern units - they're still sardine cans no matter what the adverts say.
Photo: An impromptu dashboard cover to protect against the 30°c heat & ozone-layer-less sunshine, thanks to Fukushima, the Sunbeam Alpine one of the rarer sports cars. 
Photo: Popular in America, where the Ford Thunderbird had left the ranks of 'sports' and joined that of 'tank', most Sunbeam owners I can remember were the flower people of the Hillman class.
Photo: Could almost be a toy pedal car - the styling ubiquitous and without ornament; aerodynamic for a sports car that struggled to do the 'ton'.
Photo: The purple paint used on the toy matchbox Jensens was probably the most aromatic of all the colors, and I was advised not to sit there sniffing it in '69 at infants skool.
Photo: Last of the big 3L Austins, manufactured by BMC (which, never forget translates as an IUD in Russian), the Healey 3000 may have become an icon like the MG had Jensen not had futuristic ideas for it's Interceptors.
Photo: I'm not sure the fuel bill is welcome, but bizarrely taxless in these strange politikal days.
Photo: This one from '67, the last year, when it's foibles had been ironed out, and the top speed lay in undreamed of 110+mph. 
Photo: Continuing the Alpine theme, this '67 Porsche 912 in excellent condition, being used on a shopping trip to Tesco.
Photo: Often seen in the sobering weiß und grün of the Deutsche Polizei, it was capable of catching most vehicles of it's day whilst returning 30mpg.
Photo: Advertised as a 4 seater, the rear passengers keeping their bums warm in the Bavarian Continental snows over the (noisy) 4 cylinder.
Photo: Once again, a 21st century parking spot almost too small for one of the compacts of the sixties.
Photo: Taken here with the wooded backdrop to Horncastle's Tesco; I had the flash activated, but just enough light to keep it from going off.
Photo: Having been stood a while, the front tyres had perished, but getting on for 60yrs old it looked like it'd start first time.
Photo: An old tractor being transported to a renovation holiday where hopefully it'll be transformed to brand new..
Photo: From the days before Ford abandoned the Fordson name, only 3 cylinders were needed as they weren't expected to drive at 50mph between farms...every farmer could afford one.
Photo: The front view not entirely important to a tractor driver, who morphs into a member of the owl family early on in their career, constantly watching the towed equipment. One of my 1st major accomplishments on coming to Lincolnshire was reversing one of these along a rutted muddy field with a 60ft pipe trailer, around a portaloo.
Photo: For what was akin to a (MG) midget in the 60's, it's now one of the most imposing in the car park.
Photo: Well, another Sunbeam Alpine, this one with it's hard top. Owners seem to look after the rarest of vehicles, whilst the ones that were common are hardly seen anymore.
Photo: Sitting outside the coastguard station, I imagine the spotlight comes in handy if there's a callout at night.