St. Mary's Church
Nov 4, 2013Public
Photo: One of the dozen or so Gold Angels in the rafters at Horncastle, the light rays turning them into a symphony at a glance, better than any rave disco..
Photo: John the Baptist at work, I believe.
Photo: More 'miracles'. As a Nazarine from Mt. Carmel, he would have been trained in the basics - his further 40 days and Nights, spent in the monasteries of Ladakh and Tibet, would have took him to Abbot, or possibly lamic status - where self control of breathing and even the Heart would have allowed him to feign death to a Centurion, and survive a Crucifixion or two. Righting other peoples afflictions would have seemed like childs play too.
Photo: Unsure of the scene here, but Jesus is surrounded by babes and having his feet washed, I believe.
Photo: The Life and Times of Jesus, itself surmounted by the Lion and red Cross of St George.
Photo: Teaching by a-musing story and allegory - but unfortunately lost (in translation) on later generations, with the help of Popes and Kings who had alms and taxes to collect.., so the devout care for all beings (vegetarianism) and abhorrance of Usury all but forgotten outside of Islam.
Photo: Much 'hidden' knowledge was often put in plain sight in paintings and windows - Mary with another child on her apron strings? - possibly James, Jesus' brother. The main central scene replicates a map of France, where Jesus' relatives were said to have disembarked around Marseilles travelled up the slanting arm of the Rhone, before branching to set up the Monasteries and Chateaus near Brittany to futher the work with the setting up of The Knights.
Photo: Jesus healing. Many afflictions were caused by 'unclean' meat, the parasitic worms causing nervous ticks, falling downs and madness to the victims, and growing to such size on an unprocessed whole food diet, that only a few days fasting would cause the 'devil' to appear from the oesophagus looking for food and smells from outside..
Photo: A lama surrounded by the correct umber of disciples, would have been able to employ harmonics in His healing that would have made it irresistable. Like the tribes arround Zanzibar who still practice levitation - with the correct number in atten~dance.
Photo: More celebration and adoration, when surrounded by disdainful Higher Society Jews and Roman Centurions, Jesus must have seemed like the Bob Dylan of his time, without the harmonica.
Photo: A wonderfully carved stone Altar area thrown into relief by lighting.
Photo: This window at the Trinity Church, the replacement for the main St Marys as the funeral plots filled up.
Photo: Right mate - tell us how you know these things..
 "Er, I read alot as a boy and travelled widely sir", may have got him off the hook - but, just like Pearl Harbor, the plot to Martyrdom and survivable crucifixion was already at hand.
Photo: Almost surgically clean Font - with the addition of Holy water and incense on the day, it would probably be more healthy than a hospital..
Photo: A golden eagle lectern and the space of the choir and altar area.
Photo: The 17th century dispensary building starting off the healthcare in Horncastle's glebe area.
Photo: The Church aisle - one of the the memories a bride would take from a wedding ceremony - Aisle, Altar, Hymn ... When the Pagans and British Tribes were being converted, and there's little evidence to say it worked, stained glass was used in these mighty buildings to soften the other worldly, soaring architecture, and make the interior similar to a leafy glade that the forest dwellers would have felt comfortable with. Only during the Medieval plague times were the churches whitewashed (limed) inside, and if it was too watered down, a booming voice might have been heard - Repaint, and Thin No More..
Photo: More armorial plaques, the Lion a strong theme in lowland Norman families, whilst the Dragon and Phoenix lived on in Welsh, Mersey, Lakeland and Scots shields, where the deep fjords and sparse friendly population allowed the last plesiosaurs to live in peace.
Photo: Moses Ten Commandments - Mel Brooks famously showing him carrying 15 down from Mount Sinai and dropping one of the three tablets. There were actually Twenty, and they were part of the Law Of The Pharoahs, itself garnered origially from the Atlantean Princess who founded Memphis, having been garnered from Our Maker who didn't enjoy Atlantean's excitable warlike nature..

Exodus 20 2-17 & Deuteronomy 5:6-21
Photo: The Korean memorial, akin to the one on Boston Rd, remembering an oft overlooked chapter in Britain's foreign policy where veterans fought on whilst others were demobbed.
Photo: The church sign saying a funeral in progress, although I don't think the Moggy Traveller owner has gone into the hearse business..
Photo: The town has a long history of local families, who were beneficent to the Church, and buried within it's walls, their Coats Of Arms carved and colored in wood. I learnt a new facet to the area seeing the Witham spelt in Latin - Vitam .. the vital or life giver, much like the Seine in France (Breast)
Photo: A rarer memorial again - to the Horncastrians of both the Great Wars, who fell that the pension burden and overcrowding could be lowered, to keep The Generals in power..
Photo: The church tower captured through the trees in golden winter Sun with the old school house, now a community centre, behind.