Feb 10, 2012Public
Photo: Tumon Guam, 2 lovers point on the cliff
Photo: Taking a walk around Tumon beach
Photo: One of the hotels in tumon
Photo: The Beach outdoor bar and grill
Photo: The Beach bar
Photo: Wow I need to shave to make this look good
Photo: Old Spanish Fort on the south Island
Photo: Kaspar posing
Photo: Beautiful bay on the south Island used by the spanish in the 1500s
Photo: Canon protecting the bay
Photo: Warning for swimmers
Photo: Beach at the north cape
Photo: North Cape cliffs
Photo: North Cape looking towards Japan
Photo: 2 lovers point look out
Photo: Downtown Tumon the hotel strip
Photo: Gun at the governors office
Photo: 2 Lovers Point, there is an old story behind the name from the Spanish days
Photo: Rick, Mugnus and Kaspar at 2 Lovers Point
Photo: Me being a tourist