Kobe Japan
May 9, 2012Public
Photo: Stephen and I the day after we arrived
Photo: Entering Suma Yacht Harbor
Photo: All of the Officials waiting for us on the dock
Photo: They were very nice folks
Photo: Stephen glad to feel land after 15 days
Photo: Left to right, my Japan cruising crew that never happened, Robin and Pontus, Myself and Stephen, lucky the menu had pictures
Photo: Robin and Pontus, kite flying day on the beach. They bought these while in China
Photo: Suma beach by the Marina. The bridge in the background has the longest single span in the world
Photo: Pontus having fun with the kite
Photo: The captain of the boat that invited me on the picnic
Photo: This was our picnic harbor, looking across to Kobe
Photo: Picnic Japanese style
Photo: One of the guys that was with us diving for Abalone.
Photo: MMM yummy, note that this thing is plugged in to the boat generator.
Photo: This is right by the Marina in Suma
Photo: Downtown Kobe with the port tower
Photo: Statue of Elvis downtown
Photo: This was an experimental boat that has some kind of alternative power to make it move. It is on display now down at the port
Photo: They left a little piece of the port in tact after the great 1995 earthquake.
Photo: This is a park and ride station, people leave there bikes here and take the train.
Photo: This is a life sized cartoon character. He was drawn by a local cartoonist and symbolizes the rebuilding of Kobe in 1995