Liapari Island
Jan 5, 2012Public
Photo: Liapari Anchorage
Photo: A few yachts Noel is looking after. note Compass Rose is stern to
Photo: An old bridge built during WW2. not much left of it
Photo: Beautiful Lagoon between Liapari and Vella Lavella Island
Photo: The Lagoon again
Photo: An old San Diego ferry boat Noel is converting to a yacht
Photo: Cat loader, Noel has a few pieces of equipment here
Photo: The dog
Photo: Where we cooked the pig for the birthday party
Photo: A few yachties at Noels birthday party
Photo: Grader and dump truck, i felt right at home
Photo: An old barge on the slipway getting bottom work done
Photo: More lagoon pictures
Photo: nice clear water
Photo: A picture of the old bridge from inside the lagoon
Photo: Another bridge pic
Photo: Whats left of the airstrip Papi Boington flew out of
Photo: Old terminal at the ww2 airstrip
Photo: Little Island off of Vella Lavella Island