NM Society for Range Management - Express UU Bar tour
Dec 12, 2012Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: With elevations from 6,000 to over 9,000 feet, the Express UU Bar ranch certainly is a "Large and Variable Landscape." The 160,000 acre operation was acquired by Express in 2006, stitched together from four previously separate properties.
Photo: August 2010 SRM Tour participants: an audience of diverse backgrounds, all sharing a strong commitment to sustainable stewardship of range resources.
Photo: Post-treatment Overlook: mechanical clearing of  juniper. Much of the remaining will be harvested for a pending pilot bio mass energy project that will provide electricity to the village of Angle Fire.
Photo: Recovery of "high intentisty - low frequency" half-way-there "rest stop"  along the driveway for 12,000  yearlings going to and from the high country. "It looks like a parking lot" after the cattle move out yet 8 weeks later looks like this.
Photo: Sometimes as many as 3k elk migrate through here. The powerlines will serve the bio mass energy project.
Photo: Over abundant wild iris provides a managemetn challenge
Photo: UU Bar GM Mike HObbs discusses management alternatives
Photo: Plant ID is a team effort
Photo: Last winter These high country parks(9000 ft+ elevation)  were covered with over six feet of snow
Photo: Four cowboys spend the summer here, managing the grazing and health of as many as 12k yearlings
Photo: Interior of a high country line camp:  hasn't changed much from the early 2oth century.
Photo: Healthy sub-irrigated meadows deserve a closer look
Photo: Stimulating side conversations are "de regiur" at SRM events
Photo: 12,000 Mexican yearligns do well on high country forage - season gains of 280-320 pounds. Cowboys herd them to regulate grazing pressures.
Photo: Management achieves compatability of stock water and and fish habitat at 9500ft elev.
Photo: Cowboy creativity: hi-country hands know how to improvise: a  full roll of barbed wire hithced up for a glamorous day of fixing fence.
Photo: High country wildlife include elk and bear; middle country mule deer and lion; lower country antelope and coyote. Selective trophy bull hunting is balanced with charity donated hunts on cow elk. Game birds and fishing complete the recreational program.
Photo: Express UU Bar ChefRalph  puts on a deluxe ranch-style feed
Photo: Express UU Bar Cutting Horse Training Operation.  The for-sale replacement heifers are utilized by the horse trainers,  improving their handling characteristics for the ranches who purchase them after preg-checking.  A few bison yearligns are also utilized, an increasingly popular practice with trainers.
Photo: Old elk pens (from previous owners) make for an impenetrable across-the-fence weaning trap. Sub-irrigated bottoms gives weaner calves plenty of high quality feed.
Photo: SOme of the 1,000 head of Express UU Bar commecial black adn red angus cattle near HQ. They utilize the "low country;"  summer yearlings the high.
Photo: Invasives bull thistle and wild licorice
Photo: UU Bar Plains Country (6300 ft elev)
Photo: Pivots with reseeded improved pasture for 600 replacemetn heifers.  Other pivots provide irrigation for alfalfa and winter wheat, good hedges against summer droughst and winter snows.