Jan 20, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: talk given while I was still a NOAA employee...
Photo: quick vita
Photo: my research experience
Photo: justification for giving this talk.. to the 6 students in the class
Photo: why are values important?
Photo: a simple Economics book that should be read by most people...
Photo: examples of the subtle propaganda provided routinely to US Government employees...  is competitiveness good?  is expanding exports good?  creating jobs?
Photo: specialized observing systems look great - but what cannot be afford by maintaining these systems?
Photo: basically you need to be proactive.
Photo: the Sutton "Wilderness" in Norman, Oklahoma
Photo: in 2006 I learned that the white polygon on the left side was going to be developed...from the builder of our new house.  I wanted to stop it, so I prepared a powerpoint and sent to city council... and encourages citizen involvement.  Result was that Norman bought the land (55 acres) for 1.3 million.  Good or bad decision depends on your perspective.  Main point is that actitions of one person can make a difference.
Photo: good reading for biology students.  Not so sure about students who don't care much about the natural world...  Hardin however, needs to be read by everyone.
Photo: common situation in many countries... few scientists and the prestigeous ones can suppress the others...
Photo: this article was written by the Director of the Sam Noble Natural History Museum.
Photo: like what he says about "winning football teams" !  So true.
Photo: I have highlighted in blue key points (my perspectives)
Photo: broad backgrounds are important
Photo: US population every decade...  a person's lifespan is blue arrow... they can't see the large changes that take place over several centuries.
Photo: worth a look for those not upset by cynicism
Photo: our lifespans aren't long enough to be able to compare with conditions in distant past...