Summits for Scott
Aug 1, 2010Public
Photo: Keith and I....gotta love this town!
Photo: Hiking in to Mt. Massive
Photo: En routeCindy, Don, Bob & Scott
Photo: Bob, Gene & Scott
Photo: Lookin' good Scott
Photo: Training day; very cool to watch
Photo: Where are we?
Photo: Argh - the summit of Mt. Massive Scott, Bob & Don
Photo: Mt. Massive summit shot - moi, Cindy, Scott, Bob & Don. 14,421 ft
Photo: Of course, Wooly was there too
Photo: View from the summit of Mt. Massive
Photo: Cindy & Scott, North Massive
Photo: Wooly on the summit of North Massive. 14,370 ft
Photo: View from the summit of North Massive
Photo: The nasty scree field coming down from North Massive
Photo: Yummy!
Photo: Bob doing recon on the way up to Castle Peak (our beast of a car got through here, no problem)
Photo: Hiking into Castle Peak
Photo: I went up here for a 'wtf was I thinking' off route experience!
Photo: Bob, Wooly and I on the summit of Castle Peak. 14,265 ft
Photo: View from the top of Castle Peak
Photo: Castle Peak, left and Conundrum, right