Brussels 2007.07
Jul 19, 2007Public
Photo: Grote Markt
Photo: Erik on Grote Markt
Photo: beer break
Photo: IMG_3363.JPG
Photo: fountain by Sint Katherine
Photo: IMG_3367.JPG
Photo: statue column at sint katherinesplein
Photo: pulley tensioner for tram overhead lines
Photo: IMG_3370.JPG
Photo: Beurs
Photo: Bar Kafka
Photo: Jupiler sign on the window
Photo: Better view of the Jupiler sign
Photo: IMG_3375.JPG
Photo: Brussels at night
Photo: IMG_3381.JPG
Photo: Justitie-Paleis
Photo: street scene
Photo: IMG_3384.JPG
Photo: weird dog/skull art in a gallery windiw
Photo: fountain at royal garden
Photo: neat building
Photo: IMG_3388.JPG
Photo: that guy from Survivor^WLost (picture taken for Becky)