London 2007.07
Jul 16, 2007Public
Photo: Big Ben
Photo: Monica in front of Big Ben
Photo: Houses of Parliament
Photo: On the Jubilee Bridge
Photo: IMG_3340.JPG
Photo: looking upriver
Photo: millenium wheel
Photo: IMG_3343.JPG
Photo: IMG_3345.JPG
Photo: IMG_3346.JPG
Photo: IMG_3347.JPG
Photo: IMG_3348.JPG
Photo: IMG_3349.JPG
Photo: IMG_3350.JPG
Photo: IMG_3351.JPG
Photo: IMG_3352.JPG
Photo: new buildings east of The City
Photo: naked guy statue — there's a bunch of them on rooftops through the city, including behind this one
Photo: IMG_3357.JPG
Photo: wee tiny car