5/24/2011 Clinton, OK to Oklahoma City
May 24, 2011Public
Photo: Early morning start today
Photo: Five miles outside of Clinton
Photo: Some of us had breakfast at Lucille's Roadhouse
Photo: Len, outside of Lucille's
Photo: Inside Lucille's
Photo: Jim, Carrie, and Chris
Photo: Len
Photo: Ferris
Photo: Lon and the Susans, waiting.  The service was terrible, but the diner was cute
Photo: Ferris and Len
Photo: The Susan's
Photo: The Original Lucille's
Photo: About the original Lucille's
Photo: First rest stop
Photo: Date inscribed on old Route 66 culvert
Photo: The culvert
Photo: Final rest stop
Photo: Sid's Diner in El Reno -- great lunch, excellent service, nice people
Photo: Len
Photo: Len, drafting a tractor
Photo: Al, recovering from the headwinds
Photo: Susan crossing the South Canadian River