6/2/2011 Litchfield to Lincoln, IL
Jun 2, 2011Public
Photo: Getting ready to go -- staying under cover until the last minute
Photo: It looks threatening out, but there is also some light -- Some tried to wait out the rain, others just took the plunge
Photo: Jim says the wipers were mezmerizing
Photo: Susan, Mike and Nancy at first rest stop
Photo: Carrie and Chris arrive
Photo: Chris says it's not raining!!!
Photo: Veronica
Photo: David
Photo: Christine
Photo: Doug
Photo: Susan
Photo: Lon helped people with a lot of flats today
Photo: Lunch at the Home Style Cafe in Springfield
Photo: Shea's gas station in Springfield
Photo: The owner, Bill Shea is 90 years old, and a great story teller
Photo: Bill's truck
Photo: The original bathroom
Photo: Elkhart is a beautiful little town
Photo: It has a very interesting antique shop and cafe in this old bank