4/17/2012 Barstow to Ludlow
Apr 18, 2012Public
Photo: Thea and Doug have breakfast at Denny's
Photo: Midge -- does Denny's do vegan?
Photo: Midge and Russ
Photo: Jim and his bike have made the Route 66 crossing many times
Photo: His license plate, up close
Photo: Thea, fueling up to ride to Ludlow
Photo: Rudy and Vic
Photo: Jim worked today while Lon rode his bike
Photo: Jim is loading luggage
Photo: In a neat pile in the trailer
Photo: Russ, looking forward to the day
Photo: Doug
Photo: Christine and Susan check in with Lon
Photo: Klaus, riding out of Barstow
Photo: Doug, Midge and Russ
Photo: Russ
Photo: Susan and Christine
Photo: Susan
Photo: Doug on rough pavement -- it got rougher later
Photo: Veronica
Photo: This pavement is pretty good compared to what came later
Photo: Christine
Photo: Thea