5/30/2011 Lebanon to Cuba, MO
May 30, 2011Public
Photo: Leaving the Munger Moss
Photo: Ivy covered gas station
Photo: Len at breakfast at the Oasis Truck stop, 16 miles from the Munger Moss
Photo: Al and Chris
Photo: Carrie and Jim compare cameras while they wait for their breakfast
Photo: Our waitress did a great job feeding 20 people within an hour
Photo: Chow down
Photo: Christine and Susan
Photo: Eleonore
Photo: Christine and Doug
Photo: Susan
Photo: Carrie saves a turtle
Photo: With Jim's help
Photo: Later in the day, yet another turtle saved!
Photo: Two more!
Photo: Not that kind of bike, Ferris
Photo: Nancy and Mike
Photo: Time for a nap, Len?
Photo: Beautiful Devil's Elbow bridge
Photo: Our second rest stop was just after this bridge