5/31/2011 Cuba to St. Louis, MO
May 31, 2011Public
Photo: Our breakfast spot
Photo: Wonderful place to start the day
Photo: Susan, Mike and Nancy
Photo: Eleonore and Susan
Photo: Susan, Christine, and Doug
Photo: Bruce and Ferris
Photo: Don, Veronica, and Len
Photo: Al, Lon, and David
Photo: Carrie and Chris
Photo: Excellent service!
Photo: Along the road today -- Not as nice as the tepees in Rialto and Holbrook
Photo: Classic motel along Route 66
Photo: Some of us ate lunch today at Steak n Shake (actually some at dinner there, too)
Photo: Doug
Photo: Our motel for tonight
Photo: Walking to dinner (the restaurant was closed)
Photo: Jim at dinner
Photo: Lon at dinner
Photo: Jim and Lon with the excellent server
Photo: We had delicious ice cream at Ted Drewes