2009-06-28 - Mark IIC Guts
Jun 29, 2009Public
Photo: Mark IIC Schematic V2.0, Page 1 of 2
Photo: Mark IIC Schematic V2.0, Page 2
Photo: Mark IIC Schematic V1.2
Photo: Mark IIC Schematic V1.1
Photo: Back of Chasis
Photo: Gut Shot
Photo: Pre-amp Board RP10
Photo: Gut Shot (with Flash)
Photo: Input Jack (Right) , Gain, Treble, Bass, Mid (Left)
Photo: Bass Pot, Treble Pot, Volume 1 Pot, Inpu Jack
Photo: Treble (Right), Bass, Mid, Master, Lead Drive (Left)
Photo: Lead Drive (Right), Lead Master, EQ Sliders (Left)
Photo: V1A Components (RIght), V1 Socket, Mixed Components, V2 Sock (Left)
Photo: V1A Components
Photo: V1 Wiring
Photo: V1B Wiring, 15K Cathode Resistor, 0.1uF Cap on top goes off to the effects Send.
Photo: A Second Shot of V1B and Neighboring Components
Photo: V2 Wiring
Photo: V4 Left, V3 Center, V2 Right
Photo: V4 (Left) and V3 (Center)
Photo: Lead Drive Pot (Left Center) and Master Volume Pot (Right Center) with V3 and V2 Components
Photo: V4 Left, V3 Right
Photo: V4 Components (Back Left) and V3 Components (Front Right)
Photo: V4 Top, V3 Bottom