Dubai May 2007
May 21, 2007Public
Photo: DSCF4871 A crane
Photo: DSCF4865 I think this is Pride of Barbados Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Photo: DSCF4868 A nice red Delonix
Photo: DSCF4869 Plumeria, frangipani
Photo: DSCF4872 An interesting contrast with the building site and desert in the background
Photo: DSCF4873 Grass planting
Photo: DSCF4874 Madagascan flame tree Delonix regina
Photo: DSCF4877 Desert Rose Adenium obesum
Photo: DSCF4878 Walking back from the Mall in the greens
Photo: DSCF4879 Surprisingly green
Photo: DSCF4880 A straight road
Photo: DSCF4883 The front of the Al Qasr
Photo: DSCF4885 Now who's short!
Photo: DSCF4886 A reasonably sized light fitting
Photo: DSCF4889 The canals along the front of the Burj with replica abras
Photo: DSCF4891 The Burj Al Arab
Photo: DSCF4894 Frontage of Al Qasr with the Burj in the background
Photo: DSCF4897 Jas
Photo: DSCF4899 Am I that short? John and I
Photo: DSCF4914 Jas and Alkesh
Photo: DSCF4906 Sunset from the Al Qasr
Photo: DSCF4920 They really went in for these massive lights
Photo: DSCF4921 Nope not stairs a waterfall
Photo: DSCF4925 John