Brecon Beacons
Nov 8, 2007Public
Photo: DSCF4147 - Offa's Dyke, looking back over the valley.
Photo: DSCF4150 - Yep it was wet...and sunny! This was looking over England!
Photo: DSCF4154 - Over Wales it was sunny ;-)
Photo: DSCF4156 - The route down.
Photo: DSCF4159 - The old abbey at the car park, there was a nice pub here that did some superb cider.
Photo: DSCF4160 - Playing with the exposure.
Photo: DSCF4164 - As above
Photo: DSCF4168 - Nadia's sock line!
Photo: DSCF4169 - Nadia
Photo: DSCF4170 - The way up Pen-y-Fan.
Photo: DSCF4174 - One bump...
Photo: DSCF4177 - Close to the top looking south (I think)
Photo: DSCF4182 - The Mill Hill Massive
Photo: DSCF4183 - The top of Pen-y-Fan in the sun
Photo: DSCF4186 - The view north I think
Photo: DSCF4194 - looking along the ridge to the west, the colours were spectacular.
Photo: DSCF4197 - Looking north - well assuming this was close to midday!
Photo: DSCF4200 - Lunch on the top
Photo: DSCF4201 - Lynne digging deep to find grub.
Photo: DSCF4202 - One route down
Photo: DSCF4209 - a small lake which had gorgeous reflections
Photo: DSCF4214 - So still
Photo: DSCF4217 - Lynne
Photo: DSCF4218 - Over the top