Pembrokeshire Oct 2006
Nov 8, 2007Public
Photo: DSCF4226 - Mary and Derek
Photo: DSCF4229 - Del boy, or as his friends call him, Dubbya, well don't you think he does?
Photo: DSCF4242 - The real owner of Bumble Cottage
Photo: DSCF4245 - Bumble Cottage
Photo: DSCF4246 - Little Haven, more or less where I grew up
Photo: DSCF4250 - The cliff path out of Little Haven
Photo: DSCF4253 - View back along the cliffs
Photo: DSCF4260 - This was Broad Haven
Photo: DSCF4264 - The old caravan site where our living van = summer home was.
Photo: DSCF4270 - The old Deer Park
Photo: DSCF4277 - I think this is Stumble Head?
Photo: DSCF4280 - I thought the lichen was impressive
Photo: DSCF4292 - Looking down, there were seals down there too, pupping.
Photo: DSCF4299 - Civilisation, Tenby
Photo: DSCF4303 - Tenby beach
Photo: DSCF4311 - The lifeboat station at Tenby
Photo: DSCF4313 -I rather liked these
Photo: DSCF4317 - Some decent sized Coryline australis in flower
Photo: DSCF4319 - Looking back across the beach.